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Always friendly. Always on time. Sam, Phil, and my hygienist Dani are wonderful to me. This is a great dental office. Highly recommend!

Kerrie K.

My family has been patients of Zelmanow Dental for 15 years. We would highly recommend going to this practice for dental care. Phil and Samantha treat us and our children with professionalism and kindness.
My son was born without one of his front teeth. We plan on getting Noah an implant to replace his missing tooth, but the surgeon said he cannot have the implant for another 5 years or so. We needed a solution to hold him over for those 5 years. Phil was able to provide a solution that will stay in Noah’s mouth, without having to come out when he eats. I did some research, and many dentists only provide a removable retainer. Noah really was hoping to get something to replace his tooth (temporarily) that would not come in and out of his mouth. Phil was able to provide this, and it came out perfect. Noah and I could not be happier. Once again, if you are looking for a wonderful dentist for your family you could not do any better than Zelmanow Dental.

Heather R.

I have known Phil for around 8 years. He is easily a top 1% of dentists at clinical competency and cases completed to perfection.
Years ago, he started a career of learning to become an incredible dental provider for saving teeth and treating them with methods that are textbook accurate, and are ethically right and moral. His journey took him through numerous highly desired courses across the country to fine tune his craft. His craftsmanship as a dentist is second to none, as is his lifelong commitment to excellence.
Phil’s clinical achievements have made him a mentor to hundreds of other dentists through the country, and even internationally on dental educational forums. That’s where I got to know him… on the educational forums as he is always teaching the young guys. He has bashfully shared his work, and it’s incredible and exemplifies the top clinical treatments and integrity.
In a modern world where patients think all dentists are the same, or a filling at a dental office is always the same, or dental crowns are the same wherever you go, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Commitment to clinical excellence is almost a ‘throwback’ philosophy in today’s dentistry environment. Well Phil has never, and will never, let a commitment to excellence in dentistry not be his primary focus. Of that, I am certain. I would be well served sending my loved ones to obtain his care, and that of his wife.

Stephen K.

If you are looking for a dentist, I’d highly recommend this office. They take the time to listen to your concerns and make you feel comfortable.

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